DaVinci Resolve 3days Residential Workshop at Coimbatore on 22,23,24 Dec 2022

DaVinci Resolve course Details

DAY – 1

Edit Preparation and Organization

  • Backing Up Source Files,  
  • Importing Metadata, Renaming Clips with Metadata
  • Searching Using Metadata, Using Automatic Smart Bins
  • Smart Bins for People (Studio Only)
  • Creating Custom Smart Bins. Power Bins
  • Creating Proxy Files for Editing, Saving Project Presets

Editing in the Edit Page

  • Setting Up a Project, Creating Bins
  • Exploring Viewing Options, Creating the First Assemble
  • Trim Edit Mode, Adding Music
  • Shuffle Insert Edits, Trimming to Duration
  • Finessing the Edit, Audio Mixing
  • Adding Transitions, Adding Fusion Titles
  • Continue Cutting

Multicamera Editing

  • Starting a Multi-Camera Project, Switching Angles in the Timeline
  • Editing a Multi-Camera Music Video, Real-Time Multi-Camera Editing
  • Adjusting the Multi-Camera Edit, Adjusting a Multicam Clip

DAY – 2

High-Speed Editing with the Cut Page 

  • Setting Up the Project, Reviewing Clips Using Source Tape
  • Assembling the Soundbites, Refining the Timeline Clips
  • Changing the Order of the Clips, Adding the B-Roll
  • Smart Insert, Using Extra Tracks
  • Trimming the B-Roll, Adding Other Camera Angles with Source Overwrite
  • Using the Sync Bin with Source Overwrite
  • Adding Music, Effects, and Titles

Color Correcting a DaVinci Resolve Timeline 1 

  • Balancing Footage Opening a Resolve Archive
  • Setting Up Project Backups, Understanding the Grading Workflow
  • Setting Tonal Range and Contrast, Balancing Colors
  • Understanding Log Controls and Primaries Wheels
  • Creating Color Continuity Building a Shot-Matching Strategy
  • Organizing Shots Using Flags and Filters
  • Applying Shot Match, Matching Shots Using Stills
  • Comparing and Matching Shots Manually

Correcting and Enhancing Isolated Areas

  • Controlling the Viewer’s Eye, Sharpening Key Elements
  • Tracking Obscured Objects, Fixing Overcast Skies
  • Warping Color Ranges, Enhancing Skin Tones with Face Refinement
  • Adjusting Skin Tones Manually

Round Trip & Conforming an XML Timeline

  • Importing an XML Timeline
  • Maximizing the Dynamic Range

Delivering Projects

  • Using Lightbox to Check Timelines Before Delivery, Understanding the Render Workflow and Presets
  • Creating Custom Renders and Saving Presets, Configuring a Timeline for Digital Cinema
  • Exploring Advanced Render Settings