DaVinci Resolve Editing & Color Grading Workshop at Trichy on Aug-12

  1. Introduction to DaVinci Resolve: Overview of the software’s interface and key features for editing and color grading.
  2. Essential Editing Techniques: Learning the basics of importing, organizing, and editing footage in DaVinci Resolve.
  3. Advanced Editing Tools and Workflow: Exploring advanced editing techniques, such as multicam editing, dynamic trimming, and timeline management.
  4. Understanding Color Theory: A comprehensive guide to color theory and its application in visual storytelling and emotional impact.
  5. Color Grading Fundamentals: Introduction to the primary and secondary color grading tools in DaVinci Resolve, including primary color correction, curves, and color wheels.
  6. Creative Color Grading Techniques: Exploring advanced color grading techniques like creating cinematic looks, stylized grading, and color grading for different genres.
  7. Matching Shots and Creating Consistency: Techniques for achieving shot matching and creating visual consistency throughout a project.
  8. Color Grading for Different Formats: Understanding the nuances of color grading for different formats, such as cinema, broadcast, web, and mobile.
  9. Advanced Node-Based Workflow: Leveraging the power of DaVinci Resolve’s node-based color grading system for complex grading setups and creative effects.
  10. Delivering the Final Product: Exporting, rendering, and finalizing the project for various delivery platforms, including cinema, broadcast, and online distribution.